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Ace Detective Searching for Loch Ness Monster

Says he has already seen Nessie twice

Zoe Staff Report

Police Detective Simon Dinsdale has spent his working life tracking down major criminals including an infamous serial killer. But one case still eludes him and he’s determined to solve it. Dinsdale wants to find the Loch Ness monster.

Fifty years ago, Dinsdale’s father, Tim, captured the most famous footage ever of something he claimed to be Nessie. Specialists from Britain’s Royal Air Force analyzed the film and concluded it was not a boat or a submarine.

Simon Dinsdale, a no-nonsense detective, insists that he himself has seen the creature twice.

“You should never discount eyewitnesses,” he told the BBC. “After all, I’m an eyewitness, myself. More than 1,000 people, I think, are recorded as having seen something large in the loch… seen pretty much the same thing – we’ve described the same thing. “But I’ve spent 30 years in the police service. You can’t just take eyewitness testimony – it’s not sufficient.”

In 1960, Dinsdale’s father described what he’d seen one day when visiting Loch Ness. “I saw this immense, extraordinary object, it looked like the back of a huge animal,” he said. “Reddish brown, it stood 2 to 3 feet out of the water, 4 or 5 feet across, probably nearly as long as this boat, quite motionless… and a blotch on the left flank which I could see very clearly, and then it started to move. A most electrifying moment.”

Half a century later, Simon Dinsdale is looking for clues to prove that Nessie is real.

”I can look at all the body of evidence,” he said, “and I’m experienced at looking at evidence. And I can tell you that … on the balance of probabilities, there is something large and unknown living in this loch.”