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Homeless Mom with Pups Takes in Kitten

Here’s a great Holiday story from Canada. A stray shepherd mix dog had been hit by a car out on a central Alberta reserve – in other words, in the freezing middle of nowhere.

When she was found, she was nursing five newborn pups while in great pain from the injury. But among the pups, also nursing, was a kitten!

Criss Gerwing, who runs a small animal rescue group, discovered Esperanza, as she’s now known, and says she couldn’t believe it when Esperanza led her to the pups.

Gerwing took Esperanza and her brood to the Edmonton Humane Society, where it looked as though the injured leg would have to be removed. But a local veterinarian volunteered to do some special surgery that would save Esperanza’s leg.

“It’s amazing when you think about it,” said Shawna Randolph of the humane society. “You have this dog who is just so giving of herself, caring for these newborn puppies and the kitten, making sure they were cared for even though she was obviously in a lot of pain.”

You can read the whole story at the Winnipeg Free Press.