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Kuwait Oil Company and Humane Group Team Up

Launch spay/neuter program for stray dogs

An oil company and a humane group have teamed up to help stray dogs in Kuwait.

The Kuwait Oil Company is funding a trap-neuter-return program that will be managed by the Kuwait Society for the Protection of Animals and Their Habitat (K’S PATH ) to help reduce the number of homeless dogs who live on the streets of Ahmadi city.

The Kuwait Oil Company is the fourth largest oil exporter in the world and this will be the first such program in Kuwait.

Ahmadi city was built in the 1940s for employees of the oil industry, and the people there have become concerned about the growing numbers of homeless and feral dogs living on the streets – currently around 600.

The humane group showed various models to the oil company, including the one used by animal care and control in Phoenix, Arizona. The program in Kuwait will trap stray dogs humanely, then spay or neuter them, and return them to the street. Dogs who are considered adoptable will be placed in a new shelter that’s due to open on January 21.

The Kuwait Oil Company has paid for the equipment to get the program running, but after K’S PATH has been managing it for the first ten months it will then get to keep the equipment so that it can set up trap-neuter-return programs in other parts of the country.

K’S PATH is also planning a similar program for stray cats.