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Christiane Aman-purr Predicts Outcome in Egypt

Other animals settle for Super Bowl

Zoos around the country are scrambling to have animals predict the winner of the Super Bowl.

At the Dallas Zoo, Jenny the elephant went for the Packers by crushing a watermelon with the Steelers’ logo on it.

At Salt Lake City’s Hogle Zoo, Eli the orangutan crushed a paper helmet with Green Bay colors, but this apparently meant that the Packers would win, not lose. How do we know that this is the correct interpretation? (You need another psychic animal to explain it.)

On Wednesday, Stephen Colbert argued on his show that the amazing psychic talents of animals should not be wasted on football. There are major issues of international import confronting the community of nations, and it would surely be enormously helpful to U.S. diplomats to know how they are going to unfold.

Just for starters, who will emerge as Egypt’s new leaders in the aftermath of the democratic uprising?

After showing clips of various reporters and pundits standing helplessly amid the growing chaos in Cairo, with no sense of where it was all going, Colbert turned to a truly expert prognosticator as he introduced us to his own “senior Mideast Correspondent, Christiane Aman-purr.”

In case you missed it, here’s what Ms. Aman-purr had to say about the current crisis.

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Crisis in Egypt
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