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Homeless Kitty Is No Harry Potter Villain

Cuddly Charlie said to look like Lord Voldemort

Even some of the people who are trying to find a home for Charlie say he’s an ugly cat. But there’s nothing wrong with him at all.

Charlie, who’s in care of the Blue Cross in the U.K., has made news all across the world in the last few days because people say he looks too much like Harry Potter’s evil archenemy Lord Voldemort.

Blue Cross staffers say visitors are scared off by his face.

White cats are prone to skin cancer, especially on their ears and nose, which aren’t well covered by fur. When Charlie was rescued, he needed to have his ear tips taken off, along with the end of his nose … which is what led to his odd-looking face.

He’s not “ugly” – he’s not even “special needs.” He’s just beautiful in the eyes of the beholder.

Blue Cross staffers are hoping that perhaps a family of Harry Potter fans will take a shine to him.

Charlie is about 14 years old and had been living as a stray before a woman took him in. But Charlie prefers to be your only pet, and the woman ended up taking him to a Blue Cross shelter.

“Charlie love tickles and cuddles,” said staff member Marie Loveridge. “He’s a lovely, playful cat who adores attention. He loves to roll around playing with toys. He has got so much to give a new family and would make a wonderful companion.”

Anyone who would like to adopt Charlie is asked to call the Blue Cross at 02380 692 894.