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Animal Cracker Lovers Unite!

When you think about Girl Scouts, you think about Girl Scout Cookies. You just do. They’re so intertwined, it’s unavoidable. So as Girl Scouts Week is celebrated this week (March 6-12), this annual event brings one searing question to mind every year: Where are the animal crackers?

Now don’t get us wrong. We salute Girl Scouts and girls all across the country. The Girl Scouts organization has been around since 1912 and now boasts more than 3.2 million members in the U.S. and 92 other countries. They provide role models, help build character and shape the lives of countless girls and young women.

But it’s hard not to focus on the annual event that is their cookie drive (can you call it a “drive” when it brings in more than $700 million a year?).

Everyone has a favorite Girl Scout cookie. Yours may be Do-Si-Dos or Samoas. Or maybe it’s Thin Mints or Trefoils or Tagalongs or Shout Outs or Lemonades or Dulce de Leches or Chips Deluxe or Thank U Berry Munch or Thanks-A-Lot.

But why aren’t there any Girl Scout animal crackers? Who doesn’t love animal crackers? Remember the animal cracker cookies that came in that small box with its own handle? And how you paired the cookies, like Noah’s Ark, lions with lions, camels with camels and elephants with elephants? Or how you couldn’t tell the difference between the blob-shaped rhinos or the hippos? Or the cows from the horses or the bears?

So come on scouts. You know you love animals. We know we love animals. And no doubt we all love cookies. Animal cracker lovers unite!