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Blind Dog Has Seeing-Eye Cat

‘Without this cat, Cashew would be very lonely’

Following our story about a seeing-eye dog who got a seeing-eye dog, we’re now happy to report on a dog who has a seeing-eye cat.

Libby is not an official service cat, but she does help Cashew, a 14-year-old Lab, who’s both blind and deaf, to get around.

“She steers Cashew away from obstacles and leads her to her food,” said her person, Terry Burns, of Middleburg, Penn. “Every night she sleeps next to Cashew. The only time they’re apart is when we take Cashew out for a walk.

“Without this cat, we know Cashew would be lost and very, very lonely indeed. It’s amazing but true: This is one animal who knows what needs to be done and does it, day in and day out, for her friend.”