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Cat Island Continues to Bring Good Fortune

Zoe Staff Report

Although the island of Tashirojima, known locally as “Cat Island,” was in the path of the tsunami, it escaped most of the damage.

That was great news, not just for the people who live on the island, but also for the many cats who call it home.

Tashirojima started to become “Cat Island” when fishermen began to view the stray cats who roamed their docks as symbols of good fortune. One day, a boulder fell on one of the cats and killed her. One of the fishermen took her to the center of the island and built a small shrine there.

Today, that shrine has grown into something much larger and is especially popular with tourists. The people of the island say their cats represent beauty, loyalty and kindness.

While Tashirojima was basically spared from the ravages of the earthquake and tsunami, the food supply has been dwindling. And with so much debris in the water, it has not been possible to deliver supplies. The latest report said food was going to be delivered by helicopter, and rescue groups were doing what they could to include pet food in the care package.

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