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Dog People Want Pets in the Workplace

Most would change jobs or take a pay cut to have Fido around

Working at a hi-tech company like Google might seem, at least to the casual observer, like vacationing at a resort: great food, laundry and medical services, sports, and pets everywhere. In fact, it’s a carefully managed strategy at some of the nation’s top companies to ensure that talent and productivity are maximized.

At Dragon, the popular speech-recognition company, half the company’s 270 employees take advantage of the policy that allows pets in the workplace. And employees at Research Designed for Agriculture in Austin, Colorado, also dog sit for each other.

Now a British company, Maris Interiors, which designs workplace interiors, has conducted a survey showing that 85 percent of people who work in offices and have dogs would like to be able to bring them to work.

While less than one dog person in 10 had ever actually taken their pet to the workplace, almost four out of 10 said they would even consider changing jobs if it meant they could take their pet to work.

Sixteen percent said they would give up a week of vacation in exchange for having their best friend at work, and 14 percent would take a pay cut.

Non-dog people weren’t quite so enthusiastic about the idea. Almost seven out of 10 said they’d be unhappy to work in an environment with dogs around. Common concerns included fleas, chewed cables, allergies and litter training.

What do you say? What’s your view of having pets at work? Would you change jobs or take a pay cut to have your pet with you? Let us know in a comment below or on Facebook.

What you can do: Many companies observe “Take Your Dog to Work Day,” organized by Pet Sitters International. This year it’s on June 24th, and now is a good time to check whether your company will be observing the day, along with what you can do to encourage them.