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Hopping To It

Who gets your vote for favorite bunny?

Hop Trailer by teasertrailer

It’s not exactly Lord of the Rings, but Hop, an animated movie about a teenage rabbit who one day will become the Easter Bunny, topped the box office charts this weekend after bringing in $38 million in ticket sales. That’s a lot of carrots.

But when it comes to rabbits, how does Hop compare? Do Hop and the film have the staying power of Who Framed Roger Rabbit, which has grossed nearly $350 million? Is Hop, with zany Russell Brand as the voice, as zany as Roger Rabbit? Or as sexy as Jessica Rabbit?

Or how about Thumper, another big-screen bunny star? How does he rate? Disney has grossed nearly $270 million since releasing Bambi in 1942.

Of course, box office draw is one thing. Worldwide appeal is another. And who has broader appeal than Bugs Bunny? Bugs has been a part of our country’s fabric for more than 70 years.

What do you say? Who’s your favorite rabbit? Is Hop hip? Is Bugs better? Who are we missing? Comment below or go to our Facebook page and weigh in.

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