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Leopard Thinks She’s a Meerkat!

Has this big cat been watching Meerkat Manor on TV?

Safari guide Letsogile Kamogelo spotted the leopard stalking a warthog in a wildlife reserve in Botswana. He said the cat then lost sight of her prey.

“So she lifted herself up for at least 45 seconds to a minute at a time,” Kamogelo told local reporters. “She was very careful whenever she stood up because she didn’t want to fall on her back. This is a very unusual behavior and I have never heard or read about it before.”

Meerkats also live in the wild in Botswana, so it’s possible that the leopard had picked up the idea from watching them.

What do you say? You may not have watched many leopards in the wild, but how about your own cats at home? Do they sit up like a leopard or a meerkat? Let us know in a comment below or on Facebook.