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No Fear of Heights!

They look like dots. They are, in fact, Alpine ibex – mountain goats – on the Cingino Dam in northern Italy.

Believe it or not, the goats are not in danger. They are excellent climbers who live in steep, rocky mountainous regions, usually above 15,000 feet. They’re attracted to the face of the dam because of the salt they can lick from the stones in the concrete. Here are some more photos:

The Cingina Dam from a distance. You just see the ibex as tiny dots

They climb onto the dam and lick salt from the stones

Here’s where they step onto the dam from the side

And here’s an ibex in her natural terrain at the edge of a cliff. Dangerous-looking ledges like this are, in fact, safe places for the mountain goats since they can negotiate the heights much better than their predators.