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Elephants to Pack Their Trunks

After much debate, the board of the Toronto Zoo has voted to allow the three elephants being held there to move to a better home. It may not be a sanctuary, but it will be better than where they are.

Animal protection groups, led by retired celebrity Price Is Right host Bob Barker, had been asking that Toka, Thika and Iringa be retired to a sanctuary in California. Zoo managers, apparently fearful that this would be an admission that zoos are not good places for elephants, pressed for the elephants to be sent to other zoos.

Where they will go is not yet decided. Animal protection groups are still hopeful that it will be a sanctuary – either the Performing Animal Welfare Society in California or the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee.

Here’s a report from The Toronto Star. And here’s our previous story on the topic with background info.