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Sheep Saved from Rocky Ledge

Rescue teams lift them from cliff face

Rescue teams save sheep from rocky ledge. All photos by Lothian 4×4 response team.

Six sheep had to be rescued from dangerous ledges after they became trapped on a cliff face in Scotland.

Three volunteer groups worked with the Scottish SPCA to bring the animals to safety near the village of Strathblane on Sunday.

The sheep had been stuck on the cliff for over a week. Farmers had been lowering food to them and trying to coax them back to the top, but to no avail. Finally, they called for help.

The rescue operation was mounted by three search-and-rescue teams based in Glasgow. Lothian 4×4 response team provided vehicles to anchor the ropes at the bottom of the cliff. Trossachs Search and Rescue organized the logistics, and four members of the High Access Rescue Team went down the cliff to rescue the sheep.

The climbers were able to herd four sheep to the top, while two other sheep needed to be lowered to the ground from the cliff face.

All six sheep are now back up top, grazing in their fields.

More photos:

The ledge is part of a volcanic “plug” below the Scottish highlands

Six sheep were stranded on various ledges

Long lines anchored rescuers to vehicles at the top and bottom of the cliffs

Sheep are safely back where they belong