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World’s Most Beautiful Bulldog

Queen Lucy takes the crown

Clad in a blue skirt, Lucy has been crowned this year’s Most Beautiful Bulldog.

After the ceremony in Des Moines, Iowa, Lucy began a series of public appearances as mascot of the 102nd Drake Relays, the prestigious track and field meet at the Drake Stadium.

How do the judges choose from among the many contestants?

“They’re looking for a bulldog that’s patient, that folks can come by and they can pet him and not get disruptive,” said master of ceremonies Dolph Pulliam. “They’re looking for drool … maybe a nice costume.”

Wearing a white cardigan with her blue poodle skirt, along with a pearly necklace, 3-year-old Lucy edged out 49 other contestants to win the crown. The decision of the five judges was unanimous.

Officials at Drake University, whose sports teams are called the Bulldogs, said all five judges picked Lucy as the winner from a pool of 50 contestants.

Lucy’s person, Nancy Brown, also wore a cardigan and poodle skirt, but all the attention went to Lucy.

“She just thinks the world goes around her,” Nancy said.