A new relationship with animals, nature and each other.

Life Lessons Learned at Critter Camp

An animal rescue organization in Utah invites young people out to its five-day, hands-on Critter Camp programs, to learn about animal care, dog behavior, and good pet guardianship.

Sarah Wilfahrt, of the Friends of Animals Utah Rescue and Rehab Ranch, has seen a lot of animals with ailments that could have been prevented.

“Some are turned over to the shelter because people don’t know they have options to help correct behavioral problems with basic obedience techniques,” she said.

The camps are designed to help children understand basic care for dogs and cats through activities, art and hands-on instruction and workshops.

“During the Critter Camp, we can tell them about being a service-dog trainer or an animal control officer or a wildlife rehabilitation person, so they can see there are more options out there.”

Safety is another important lesson.

“The kids will learn the proper way to approach a dog on a leash,” Wilfahrt said. “We teach them which questions to ask if they want to pet an animal.”

The camp also incorporates visual art with the lessons. “The kids design their own T-shirts and re-usable shopping bags, because we want to promote animal rescue, but also promote general concepts of sustainability.”

Read more at the Park Record. And see the rescue ranch at Friends of Animals Utah for more information – perhaps with a view to setting up similar camps in your own neighborhood.