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Diamonds Are a Dog’s Best Friend

(But why do they just want to eat everything?)

Honey Bun likes to hang out in Chuck Roberts’s jewelry store. The customers think he’s quite a gem.

But Honey Bun has now developed a taste for the gems in the store. When Roberts wasn’t looking, the pooch devoured $10,000 worth of diamonds.

X-rays couldn’t locate the gems in the Buns tum (carbon doesn’t show up in X-rays), but next day, nature did its thing, and the diamonds are back where they belong – ready to be turned into earrings.

Honey Bun’s Dream Planet

Come to think of it, Honey Bun would love the newly-discovered planet in orbit around the neutron star PSR J1719-1438.

It would take the pooch a while to get there, since the planet is 4,000 light years from here. But if he ever made it all the way, he’d discover a real gem or a world – one that’s made entirely of diamonds.

Diamonds are high-compressed pure carbon, and this is a planet that’s been entirely compressed. Might be a bit heavy to turn into an earring, though.