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From the Shelter to the Jailhouse!

Homeless shelter cats get a new life at the county jail

Nemo is the newest resident at the work release cell block at Nebraska’s Lincoln County Jail.

He’s the second cat to be adopted there. Also roaming the cells is Sarge, who hangs out in minimum security.

“The studies show that it will help with relieving stress and give them something to do something to occupy their time,” said Sheriff Jerome Kramer.

The men behind bars agree. “They bring out the soft part in you just like your kids do,” inmate Guy Meyers said.

Meyers and others have also been volunteering their time at the local shelter where the cats come from.

There are firm protocols to make sure the cats have a pleasant stay. “We got their mug shots and put them in a couple of cells where we thought they would be better received. We have a list of cat rules that have been laminated for caring for the cat such as cleaning their litter box, but they are waiting in line to take care of the cat,” Sheriff Kramer said.

Here’s the rest of the story from KNOP TV:

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