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Call It a Whoopee Spray!

Visitors get unexpected surprise at Grand Tetons presentation

It was a more explosive variation on the whoopee cushion that makes a silly noise when you sit on it.

In this case, the entire building had to be evacuated!

Visitors to the Grand Teton National Park were just settling down in the auditorium yesterday for the morning program, when one of them sat down without looking at the seat.

With a loud hiss, the can of pepper spray that had been left on the chair discharged, sending a confused, dazed and spluttering audience staggering toward the exits.

But that wasn’t the end of it. Emergency park officers were quickly notified, but not before the pepper spray had found its way into the ventilation system, leaving the entire staff and visitors in trouble. The whole building had to be evacuated.

On the up side, everyone got a worthwhile lesson on why it’s a good idea to carry pepper spray when you’re hiking, especially if you’re alone and might inadvertently wander into some other animal’s home … and also on why it’s also a good idea to check your seat when sitting down!