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Parrot Defeats Violent Robbers

Charlie’s person says the macaw saved his life

When Charlie the macaw started squawking at 2.30 in the morning, Jack Dukes knew something was wrong.

When he went to look, Dukes was hit by one of the robbers. “It knocked me back across the table,” he said.

Then the robbers demanded he give them his pain pills.

One of the robbers then grabbed him, and that’s when Charlie flew into action. Screaming, clawing and biting, he took a chunk out of one of the men’s arms. According to Dukes, the man shouted, “Let’s get out of here,” and they both took off.

Police say they’re not sure how the robbers knew Dukes by name or that he had pain pills in the house. But all that matters to Dukes right now is that he’s safe and sound, thanks to Charlie.

And while anyone who can help the police in their investigation is eligible for a reward, Charlie has already received his – a little more of his favorite banana pudding.

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