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Wounded Grizzly Fights Back

Hunter dies in Montana encounter

A hunter who shot a grizzly bear in the forests of Montana was himself killed by the enraged, wounded animal.

Steve Stevenson tried to distract the bear from attacking his younger hunting partner by shouting and shooting at the animal the younger man had shot.

“It swung around and took him down,” Stevenson’s mother told the press.

The two were members of a four-member hunting party that had been going after bears in the mountainous, heavily forested region near the Canadian border when the attack occurred.

The grizzly was one of about 45 who, according to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, live in the Cabinet-Yaak Ecosystem Area in northwest Montana and northern Idaho.

At the end of an Associated Press story on the Huffington Post, the majority of readers had little sympathy for the human victim, saying that the hunter got what he deserved. Typical of the comments was one that said: “I thought I would be alone in rooting for the bear but seems unanimous that everyone here feels the hunter got what he deserved…yea I can’t sympathize with this…man purposely goes into forest with gun LOOKING for bear to kill…bear kills him instead…go mother nature!”

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