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Irvine, California, Bans Pet Sales

Also bans circuses with wild animals

There was a standing ovation for the City Council of Irvine, California, when its members voted to ban retail sales of pets.

The new ordinance will allow pet stores to work with rescue organizations and shelters to place animals for adoption, and to “split” the proceeds from adoption fees or to charge boarding fees to organizations for housings their animals in the store.

In fact, there is only one store in the city that still sells pets, and it will be able to continue until its lease expires next year.

Opposition came from The Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council (PIJAC), a lobbying group for the pet industry, which supports puppy mills and pet stores. In a letter to its members, PIJAC recommendedusing the following as talking points at the meeting:

Research has demonstrated that pet store puppies are as healthy or healthier than puppies from other sources; most pet stores obtain puppies from responsible breeders and customers choosing pet store puppies usually get healthy and well socialized pets; pet stores are already more regulated than any other source of animals; and business regulations should serve the public interest, which this ordinance does not.

Most experts would say that none of these talking points are actually true.

The City Council also voted to ban circuses that use exotic animals, and also rodeos – not that there have been any rodeos in Irvine in the last 40 years.