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San Francisco’s New DogPac

In the city of St. Francis, dogs outnumber children. So it’s not surprising that San Francisco residents are looking to elect a dog-friendly mayor.

Dog lovers have formed a political action committee to promote the interests of their four-footed friends, namely space to run free in one of the world’s largest urban national parks. And they’re calling on mayoral candidates to defend their stands on canine affairs.

There are an estimated 150,000 dogs in the city, and just 108,000 children.

“We expect the dog vote to be a game-changer,” said Bruce Wolfe, president of DogPAC, which recently held a forum attended by several mayoral hopefuls.

Seven of the 16 candidates competing in the upcoming November election attended the forum, where they were asked about the cost of dog licenses, trash cans in parks where owners can dispose of dog waste and pet-friendly rental housing for people who want to adopt foster animals.

One of the candidates, City Attorney Dennis Herrera, makes no bones about his position on pets:

“Making San Francisco a family friendly city means recognizing the multitude of ways in which we define families,” he says on his site. “And in the city of St. Francis, that includes dogs and companion animals.”

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