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Feral Feline Felons Seek New Digs

Florida prison closing leaves them homeless

Dozens of cats and kittens have been living the good life at the Belle Glade state prison in Pam Beach County, Florida. But the prison is closing down.

Animal control officers are looking for new homes for up to 80 cats who will otherwise be left without food and water when the facility closes at the end of November.

While it was against the rules for the prisoners to feed the cats, it seems that everyone ignored this, and the cats were thriving. (The guards were probably in on the act, too!)

Most of the prisoners have already been moved out. As of today there are just 69 left … but still 80 cats.

In an e-mail set to animal protection groups last week, Animal Care and Control Director Dianne Sauve asked for help finding homes for the felons’ felines, offering to waive adoption fees for the “prison cats.”

“Our goal is to save as many of the healthy, adoptable cats as possible and to place them into loving homes,” Sauve wrote.

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