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Happy Thanksgiving for Laboratory Beagles

Forty beagles landed at LAX after a long flight from Spain, where they’d been rescued from a vivisection laboratory. Thirty-two more had already been placed in homes in Europe. According to Gary Smith of the Beagle Freedom Project:

“We’ve been told they lived one per cage in rooms of 10 beagles, but they never had any physical interaction with one another. They’ve been in kennels since they were rescued about a week ago, but aside from that, they’ve spent most of their lives locked up.”

That’s what you’d expect at a vivisection lab. They like beagles because they’re placid and cooperative and don’t bark much. When they’re rescued, the challenge is to get them walking and talking and out of laboratory mode.

Check out another big beagle rescue – this one in New Jersey when a laboratory went bankrupt. And this outrageous experiment by the attorneys of Michael Jackson’s infamous Dr. Murray, who wanted to determine how much Propofol would have to be ingested to cause Michael Jackson’s death.