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Matt Damon at Mexico Bullfight

He’s a mega-star known for his charity work. But it doesn’t extend to nonhumans. Matt Damon was spotted in the crowd at a bull fight in Mexico City yesterday.

The controversial spectacle, in which bulls are baited in a ring for entertainment, took place in in Mexico City.

Damon was taking a break from filming his latest movie, and was at La Monumental bullring stadium with a few friends, wearing a hoodie, jeans and a black baseball cap, sipping a soda and yawning as bull were killed.

It’s nice that Damon raises money for his charity that works to provide clean water to people in underdeveloped countries. And we shouldn’t be too surprised that he has a missing piece when it comes to other animals. After all, his upcoming holiday movie We Bought a Zoo, suggests that anyone can run their own zoo. All you need is “a lot of heart.” That particular notion should be dispelled by the recent disaster in Ohio, where dozens of big cats and other animals were shot by police after being let out from their cages at a private zoo owned by a suicidal individual.

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