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Dog Rescues Bag of Kittens


Kerry says her Lab-mix, Reagan, often brings things home. So she wasn’t surprised to see a crumpled bag of Meow Mix outside the front door. But Reagan was visibly upset about something, so Kerry (who prefers not to use her last name) quickly went to look. Then she heard cries from inside the bag.

skipper-tipper-kittens-120511Two tiny kittens, screaming and covered in the blood and gore of their crushed and maimed siblings, were thrashing about trying to get free. She hurried them inside, bathed them, fed them and snuggled with them, then tried to imagine what had happened.

The picture was obvious: The kittens had been put in a bag and dumped on the road. The bag had been run over. At least two kittens had been crushed. Reagan had found the bag in the road and brought it home for Kelly to find.

Skipper and Tipper, the two kittens, are now at the Raccoon Valley Animal Sanctuary, where they were bottle-fed until recently, and are now ready to be placed in good new homes.

And Reagan is still the hero of the year.