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Dog Shoots Duck Hunter


Bad luck or bad karma? Either way, the ducks at the Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge were safe from being shot last Sunday when the dog put a stop to the plans by shooting one of the hunters.

According to Box Elder County Sheriff’s Chief Deputy Kevin Potter, two duck hunters were getting set up for a morning on the water.

“One of the hunters was inside the boat with the dog, and the other hunter was in the water,” Potter said. “The guy in the water had put his 12-gauge shotgun across the bow of their boat. The dog got excited, was jumping around inside the boat and then jumped on the gun. It went off, shooting the [man in the water] in the buttocks,” Potter said.

Potter added that was quite possible, if the safety catch was on, that the dog could have taken it off.”

The wounded hunter was transported to Brigham City Community Hospital, where doctors removed the bird shot. They said the force of the shot was weakened by the waders he was wearing.

The dog and any ducks within range at the time of the accident were uninjured.