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Is Your Pooch Possessed?

(If so, we have a pendant just for you.)


Soon after she adopted Princess the poodle, things started going wrong for psychic artist and color therapist Olga Horvat. Her husband had a car crash and came down with an auto-immune disease. Her daughter got expelled from school for bad behavior. And the apartment got bed bugs. Then poor Princess fell down the stairs and died.

What was the cause of all this? Ms. Horvat concluded that her poodle had been possessed by demons. As she explained it to Huffington Post writer David Moye:

“We had her for four months — May through September in 2006 — and she didn’t want to eat, sleep and she couldn’t be trained to learn simple commands. She was happy, but something was manipulating her.”

Horvat doesn’t want the same thing to happen to you. So she’s selling a special pendant for $197 that will protect you from being possessed … and a version for your pet that costs $187.

Her “research” into demonic possession of pets has revealed that:

a dog whose ears point up is more prone to possession than one with floppy ears, perhaps “because the spirit can get in there easier.”

Horvat says that none of her clients have complained about being possessed – either themselves or their pets – after buying one of the pendants. She says she doesn’t try to convince skeptics. “They’re not going to change their minds until they’re put in a situation like I was.”

Along with the pendant, you can buy Horvat’s book Paranormal Pooch.

Another option would be to donate the $197 to your local humane group or shelter. That’s guaranteed to bring you some good luck.

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