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Our Top Ten-Plus Videos of 2011

How can you choose just ten from all the rescues, wildlife shows, comic pieces on Youtube, and so much else? You can probably think of many more that should be on that list. Still, here are a few of our faves:

Chimps Greet the Sun

They hugged each other in delight and then stepped gingerly into the sunlight. It was the start of a new life for a group of chimpanzees who had been taken from their mothers at birth and taken to a research laboratory in Austria. Each of them had been kept completely alone in a cage, infected with HIV and hepatitis, and then subjected to all manner of experiments. None of them knew anything outside of their individual cages – until now. (The story is here.)

Tarra and Bella

When Bella the dog died at the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee, last week, it was the end of a long friendship between her and Tarra. (Here’s the full story.)

Tsunami Dog Reunited

Ban the dog was spotted from a helicopter off the coast of Japan as she balanced on the wreckage of a house that was floating in the ocean after being washed away by the tsunami. Her person said he recognized her the moment he saw video of her being hugged by Japanese rescue workers. (Here’s the story.)

Lion Makes Her Own Movie

Photographer Roger de la Harpe was in South Africa taking photos for a book about the endangered African lion, when he saw three lions on the path ahead. He put a small video camera on the ground and moved out of the way. One of the lions decided she was was going to direct the movie. (More here.)

Surfing Dog Steals the Show

There are hundreds of fun videos of dogs surfing, but at the end of this one, Abbie pulls off a spectacular victory! (More here.)

Penguins Rescued and then Released

After a terrible oil spill off the coast of New Zealand, thousands of birds died. But these penguins were rescued, and after they were cleaned up and cared for, and the water was safe, we see them on the beach being released. (More here.)

Cockatoo Shares Some Spaghetti

Who said different animals don’t watch out for each other? Check out Mackinaw Queenie and Kenzie in the kitchen. (More here.)

The Overweight Hedgehog Song

Filmed at St. Tiggywinkles hedgehog sanctuary in England. Just delightful.

How to Get Dry Without a Towel

Physics expert figures out the math behind dogs shaking themselves dry (rats and mice, too). Also how cats drink. (See it in slo-mo here.)

Pugs Playing Soccer

And there’s no fooling about among this group!

Baby Sloths Go to the Bathroom

At the Sloth Sanctuary in Costa Rica. (More great videos of it here.)

Teddy the Porcupine

How could we possibly leave this out?

O.K. So that’s 12 already. But who’s counting? So here’s one more, from the Bwindi National Park:

Dad, Can We Check Out the Human?

You probably have more. Let us know in a comment or on Facebook.