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Shocking Conditions for Orangutans at Zoo


It doesn’t get much worse than this for an orangutan being kept at a zoo. Sean Whyte, who runs the grassroots British group Nature Alert, says that these gentle primates are kept in cages 5 feet by 5 feet where they can barely stand up or turn around.

Orangutans, who are already in danger of complete extinction due to the destruction of their forest homes by international corporations, are easily captured and exploited. Native to Malaysia, they are known to be among the most intelligent of all primates. But they are left in these cages with nothing to do but stare into space.

The Malaysian government’s wildlife ministry said it would clamp down on the appalling conditions in the country’s zoos, rated among the worst in the world, but so far this has not happened.

What you can do: Call or e-mail the Malaysian embassy, and let them know what you think of this and that you have no plans to visit their country until the situation is rectified.

Phone: (202) 572-9700
E-mail: malwashdc@kln.gov.my