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The Week for Farm Animals

Paul Shapiro’s weekly round-up of news from the world of farm animals – January 6, 2012

On CNN Headline News, the wonderful Jane Velez-Mitchell interviewed me about agribusiness efforts to ban undercover investigations at factory farms. You can watch the segment here. Please forward it to friends!

The NY Times had an interesting story about the rise of vegan bodybuilders. (For some reason they failed to interview me… :- )

Here’s a very touching story about the last hen to be confined in a barren battery cage in the UK. (The EU law banning barren battery cages took effect Jan. 1. The US will soon have a similar bill introduced in the Congress that much of the animal movement is rallying behind and much of the agribusiness industry is trying to kill—stay tuned!)

Finally, you know something’s messed up when the chicken industry is trying to fight the EPA’s upcoming dioxin limits by saying they would essentially render its product “unfit for consumption.”

P.S. Video of the week: Top picks of the cutest farm animal videos!

… Including this favorite …

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