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Newly Adopted Cat Saves Mom’s Life

Amy Jung wasn’t planning on adopting a cat when she spent the day volunteering at her local shelter. But she fell in love with Pudding and took him home.

That same night, Amy went to bed at around 9.30. At about 11 p.m., Pudding woke her up by jumping on her chest, pawing her face and biting her nose. Amy was having a diabetic seizure. She called out to her son, Ethan, and Pudding ran to the boy’s bedroom and woke him up, too.

Ethan said he didn’t know anything was wrong until Pudding, who’s quite a large cat, landed on the bed woke him up.

When she heard about Pudding’s first night in his new home, Carrie Counihan, Door County Humane Society executive director, said she has known this plus-sized kitty for several years. She described Pudding as a very laid-back cat. For him to be jumping on the bed, pawing and biting, is quite out of character.

“That, for me, makes the story really stand out,” she said. “That he was sensing something and reacting to it.”

Pudding first came to the shelter three years ago because of his person’s allergies. He soon went to a new home but came back to the shelter last month when his new person passed away.