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World’s Cutest Turtle


“They’re living fossils,” says Ray Bosmans, president of the Mid-Atlantic Turtle & Tortoise Society (MATTS), a conservation and education group that helps place abandoned turtles and tortoises into new homes.

MATTS finds good new homes for about 100 turtles and tortoises each year, from Red-eared sliders (aquatic turtles who start out very small but can grow up to a foot long and live up to 70 years), to Eastern box turtles (land-lovers who hang out in the eastern United States), to snapping turtles to Eastern musk turtle, otherwise known as the stinkpot.

And who says tortoises are slow pokes? Check out this video of a pet Sulcata tortoise pursuing a kitten around her backyard:

There’s more about MATTS and their adoption programs on HuffPo today.