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Rich Chinese Pay to Hunt Polar Bears

China’s new wealthy elite are being offered a $100,000 trip of a lifetime – hunting down endangered polar bears – according to a report in the London Daily Mail.

The investigation revealed that these vacation hunters get to kill bears on a 10-day expedition, and included in the price tag is the service of a taxidermist who prepares the bear skins to be taken home as rugs.

>The newspaper quotes the brochure for the trip as saying:

Their weight can reach one ton, and they can grow to more than three meters in length. The huge male bear specimens are the most majestic, most beautiful of hunting prizes!

And the report continues:

After flying first class and acclimatizing at their five star hotel, the hunters – super rich Chinese business men and women – set out on dog sleds across the protected polar bear habitats in search of their controversial quarry.

With the help of expert trackers from local Inuit communities, they stalk their prey and dispatch the iconic animals with bullets from a high-powered rifle, for which they are given fast-track training.

As an extra souvenir, the hunters are also given a personalized photo album and DVD film of their “exotic shoot.”

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