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T-Rex Bite Definitely Worse than Bark

How hard could a Tyrannosaurus Rex bite? Harder than anyone ever imagined!

A new study by scientists concludes that T-Rex could deliver 12,800 pounds of bite – almost 20 times as much as they previously thought.

The scientists used some complex computer modeling based on how different animals’ jaw are hinged. T-Rex emerged with a biting power eight times that of a lion and twice that of a crocodile. The only animal known to have more bite is the extinct mega-shark C. Megalodon, who is believed to have had 41,000 pounds of bite.

In the movie Jurassic Park, a T-Rex takes apart a Jeep. Professor Carl Bates, who led the study, said he wasn’t sure whether that would literally have been possible for the great dinosaur. Then again, it would be relatively easy for her to drag the Jeep down to the ocean and let mega-shark take it from there!

The full study is here.