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Wolfgang Puck Says No to Foie Gras

Renowned California chef Wolfgang Puck has written a letter urging fellow restaurateurs to embrace the state’s upcoming ban on foie gras.

The bill, which was signed in 2004, gave restaurants eight years to come up with a humane alternative to the way the “delicacy” is produced (by pushing a steel pipe down the throats of geese and force-feeding them foods to grow and engorge their livers). No such alternative has been produced, and the new law will take effect this year.

According to SF Weekly, Puck’s letter says:

As a chef, a businessman, and someone who cares about the humane treatment of animals, I’m writing to let you know why I support this particular law, and why I hope you’ll give it your full support, as well …  Here in California, our own customers understand the need for all animals, including those raised for food, to be treated humanely. California voters overwhelmingly approved Proposition 2 in 2008, with nearly two-thirds of voters supporting an end to extreme confinement of farm animals. We chefs have the ability to create delicious and original dishes our customers will love without causing torment to animals.

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