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For Dogs Too Fat to Climb the Stairs


This new device is NOT the answer to the problem of Fido being so fat he can’t even climb the stairs. The answer is to lose some weight. But instead of that, people are going for Option Two: Buy him an elevator.

The device has been designed by a U.K. insurance company that’s worried that overweight pets can damage their backs trying to climb stairs. They expect that ten years from now more than half the dogs across the puddle will be dangerously overweight. (The same can be expected here in the U.S.)

The doggie elevator, dubbed Stair of the Dog 2022 costs $8,000 to install.

Fido can step into the basket, and press the big button with the paw print on it himself. The basket is then lifted onto the elevator, which carries him up the stairs.

A survey in the U.K. last year showed that one in three pets is obese and that most people believe that feeding them extra treats makes them happy.