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The Sloth Photo Bomb!

Sloth Photobomb

For sure, the best photo bomb of the year to date! (And yes, to the very best of our knowledge this is not a piece of Photoshop trickery!)

A group of young people, on an International Student Volunteers expedition in Costa Rica, were posing for a group photo when this unexpected face suddenly dropped into view from a tree branch.

“There was a big group of us helping cut paths in the jungle,” 44-year-old anthropologist and tour guide Manuel Ramirez said.

“I thought it would be nice to take a group shot. As I looked through the camera lens I could see something creeping in to the frame.

“When I realized it was a baby sloth I clicked the button as fast as I could, not that he was going anywhere fast.

“I thought it was too good a picture opportunity and so rather than move I just took the picture with him in it. None of us will ever forget the trip, especially when we look back at this picture.”


The volunteer group came together from across the world to help cut paths in the dense woodland to allow researchers to get around.