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Foie Gras Ban Upheld

California legislators will not repeal the ban on foie gras that takes effect July 1st.

About 100 chefs had signed a petition Monday to keep the cruel duck- and goose-liver “delicacy” legal. But no lawmaker has offered to take up their cause.

“I’m not going to allow an issue like that to preoccupy the Legislature,” Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg told reporters.

And a spokesman for Assembly Speaker John Perez said the speaker does not comment on theoretical bills.

Rather than getting with the program, the chefs and restaurant owners say they will keep fighting to abuse geese in the name of gourmet delicacies.

“Even if the ban does go into effect, we will keep moving forward,” said Nate Ballard, a spokesman for the chefs. “Prohibition has never worked in this country.”

He said that the delicacy is “fun” for chefs and consumers and helps California maintain its place as a culinary destination.

It’s hardly fun for the ducks and geese who have steel tubes pushed down their throats so they can be force-fedĀ  foods that cause their livers to become fat and diseased.