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Parakeet Tells Police His Address

Piko-chan flew out of the window of his home near Tokyo, and couldn’t find his way back.

So he did the next best thing – stopping off at a nearby hotel and landing on the shoulder of one of the guests.

The hotel called the police, who took Piko-chan into “protective custody”, where he sat silently for two days.

Finally, he decided to talk.

First he told the police the names of the city and the district where he lived. And then, when that information was not good enough to get him home, he gave them the precise street and house number.

When the police contacted Piko-chan’s person, she said she’d lost a parakeet before and so she’d decided to teach the new arrival his precise address.

That’s certainly good, but maybe, in return, he should teach her to keep the windows closed when he’s out and about around the house!