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Sun to Moon: “I’m Off to Bed.”

My camera couldn’t do justice to the eclipse last night, but here are a couple of photos that capture exactly what it looked like from outside the front door. The first “bite” came at around 6.30 …


And at 7.30 we hit the bulls-eye …


The twilight effect was not so much a dimming of the light as a slight change in quality on the cliffs across the creek. From this:


To this:


The sun always appears to move faster as it approaches the horizon at sunset. And so, an hour later, just as the moon was exiting the last bit of the sun at the “11 o’clock” position, the sun apparently decided he had had enough of the proceedings.

And with a quick “Screw you, I’m off to bed!” he quickly disappeared below the horizon.

Altogether a memorable experience.

The two will have their next encounter in this part of the world five years from now, in August 2017.