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Where Cat Fur + Dirty Undies = Love Potion

cats-love-potion-052012When a woman in Malaysia reported her cat missing, the Malacca SPCA decided it was time to go snooping. After all, this was just the latest in a series of disappearances in a country where dogs and cats still sometimes end up in the cooking pot.

In this case, a trail of clues led Vincent Low, chairman of the SPCA, to a house in the suburbs where a woman was living with 12 cats. She claimed she’d rescued them, but that wasn’t quite what had happened.

“Only then did I learn that cats’ fur and saliva are used in a ritual to make a love potion,” Low told local reporters.

The woman later admitted that she was soaking cats’ saliva and fur into used undergarments to make the potion, which, she claimed, would help strengthen the bond between couples, as well as working as an anti-ageing potion.

The SPCA took four of the cats with them, but when they went back for the other eight, the woman had taken off. The city council is looking for her.