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The Dead Kitty Copter

orville-copter-060512This takes Monty Python’s dead parrot sketch to a whole other level.

And the responses are mixed: from “cute” to “hilarious” to “utterly tasteless” to “completely grotesque and definitely not funny.”

Bart Jansen says he loved his cat, Orville, and was very upset when Orville was killed by a car. (Note to already angry readers: Jansen lives in the Netherlands, where it’s considered wrong to lock cats up indoors. Quite the opposite of the general rule in the U.S., many shelters won’t even let you adopt a cat if you have no way of letting her outdoors.)

Jansen, an artist, always imagined Orville being able to fly when he was taking flying leaps, so he decided to memorialize the kitty in a way that would fulfill his dream. He had Orville stuffed and turned into a helicopter.

The Orvillecopter – half cat, half copter – is now on show at the Kunstrai art festival in Amsterdam.

Orville is flying quite well, but needs an upgrade. “He will receive more powerful engines and larger props for his birthday,” Jansen said.

Here are two videos. The first runs less than a minute and just shows Orville in flight:

The second starts with an interview. Jansen describes how much he loved Orville, but there’s something a bit unnerving, at least, about seeing Orville in his new form, close up.

What’s your reaction? A fine tribute to Orville? Or off-the-charts disgraceful?