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Cat Finds His Way Home from Six Miles Away

Barbara-Oliphant-Wollie-cat-072312It took Wollie three days to find his way home.

His mom, Barbara Oliphant, had rescued him as a stray last summer, but when her husband suffered a stroke, she felt overwhelmed and took Wollie to the Animal Rescue League of New Hampshire in Bedford.

Then her daughter went to the shelter to adopt Wollie herself so she could give him back to Barbara if and when she felt ready. But in the parking lot, Wollie got out of the zippered carrier and couldn’t be found. [readon]

Three days later, he reappeared – at Barbara’s house, six miles from the rescue center. How did Wollie find his way home from a place he’d never even been to?

“Only he knows the story, where he went, what he was doing,” Laura Montenegro of the rescue league said.

Barbara says Wollie isn’t going anywhere now.

“I just felt it was a miracle,” Barbara said. “I felt the cat wanted us.”