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First Internet Cat Film Festival

cat-video-festival-walker-center-071212On a brighter note than my previous post . . .

One of the nation’s leading art museums is hosting the first-ever Internet Cat Video Film Festival next month in Minneapolis. [readon]

The Walker Art Center in Minneapolis is renowned for its exhibitions of contemporary art, and the folks there believe that cat videos constitute a whole new, blossoming art form.

Cat video lovers are encouraged to nominate your favorite videos. Do it now; the nomination process ends on July 30th. You can nominate any video that’s been published – from global favorites like Nora the Piano Cat, who took over from the original Keyboard Cat, to the kitty video you took at home and posted to YouTube, all submissions are welcome.

On the Walker Art Center’s blog, architectural historian, writer, and borderline cat lady Katie Czarniecki Hill writes:

While YouTube may count views and decide Internet cat popularity on a global scale, we’d like to know which kitty clips are striking a chord with the local community. In the spirit of Open Field being “what we make together,” we want to hear from you: What are your favorite cat videos? Help this cat-lady-in-residence (still not a real position…yet) curate the cat video film fest by nominating your go-to cat videos.