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Michael Vick: ‘I’ve Helped More Animals than I’ve Hurt’

Michael Vick says he’s “made peace” with his past and that in his work as a motivational speaker for the Humane Society of the U.S., he’s helped more animals than he’s hurt. [readon]


Vick is on a promotional tour for his book Finally Free, which will be released in September.

In an interview with USA Today he talks about his line of t-shirts and what it was like being in prison for his “unfortunate decisions and bad judgment.”

He says he feels blessed, and that he’s accepted that his dogfighting past holds a permanent place in his legacy.

But will Vick say anything in the book about what he actually did to the dogs in his fighting ring? So far, all he’s ever said publicly is that he made mistake, didn’t “step up”, “wasn’t a leader” and similar waffle.

Doubtless, his PR people have told him never to do into details. But as long as he’s keeping the facts a secret, he’ll never be “at peace” with what he did, and we can never be at peace with him.