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Queen’s Corgis On a Rampage … OMG!


After playing their role impeccably for the James Bond sequence in the Olympics’ opening ceremony, the Queen’s corgis have disgraced themselves on the royal summer vacation at Balmoral Castle in Scotland. Her Majesty’s six dogs ganged up on Max, an 11-year-old Norfolk terrier belonging to Princess Beatrice, one of the Queen’s grand-daughters, as the dogs were all coming in from a walk around the estate.

“The Queen’s dog boy was taking the corgis for a walk and they were joined by the Norfolk terriers which came with Prince Andrew,” an inside “source” told the Sunday Express. The source continued:

“They were being taken along the long corridor leading to the Tower Door before being let into the grounds for a walk, and they all became overexcited. They began fighting among themselves and unfortunately the dog boy lost control.

“The next thing we knew there were horrific yelps and screams and it seems the corgis picked on Max. He was very badly injured and had to be taken to the local vet. There was blood everywhere.

“The Queen and the Duke were very upset when they were told but the dog is really Beatrice’s and she wasn’t there either. She later came up to Scotland and has been looking after Max. He was very lucky to survive.”

Although the corgis are generally very well behaved, the breed was originally developed for herding cattle, and the dogs’ small size can be deceptive. They’re quite strong and are capable of a nasty bite, as happened at Balmoral.

Princess Bea was apparently not at Balmoral at the time, but came hurrying to be there and has been nursing Max ever since.

It’s not the first time Max has had some trouble. In December 2008, he disappeared from Andrew’s home in Windsor Great Park. The Queen joined the search party, but Max didn’t show up for three weeks, looking somewhat the worse for wear.


The Queen has had Pembroke Welsh corgis since she was a child. Today she has three corgis – Monty, Willow and Holly – who are all descended from one of her first corgis, Susan. And she has three Dorgis – corgi/dachshund mixes – Cider, Candy and Vulcan – who arrived as a result of romances with Pipkin, a dachshund who belonged to Princess Margaret.

Umm … the royal household might want to read up on the importance of spay/neuter and adoption.