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When Dogs Meet Dolphins in the Ocean

Two delightful videos of dogs visiting with dolphins in the ocean. First, Kira, a black Lab, regularly joins a dolphin-watching expedition off the coast of Mozambique. Catch a dolphin’s eye view of what it’s like seeing four paws paddling furiously. (Mind your faces, dolphins!)

Noleen Withers says that Kira senses the dolphins before they’re seen by humans, and lets the crew know accordingly. She is also able to determine if the dolphins are resting by the scent of ammonia they give off while at rest, and will not jump into the water until the dolphins are ready. (There are various rules for dolphin watchers, like not bothering the dolphins when they’re resting, and never swimming up to them and touching them.) For more about the the Somente Aqua Dolphin Centre in Ponta Do Ouro-Mozambique, go here.

And here’s a reprise of one you may have seen before: the dog who goes down to the ocean to play with his BFF at Tory Island Harbor in Ireland: