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How Now, Ni Hao!

ni-hao-kitten-090412A stowaway kitten who survived three weeks without food or water in a shipping container bound from China to Los Angeles has a new home.

Ni Hao, as he’s been named (it’s Chinese for “Hello”), has been in intensive care at an L.A. animal hospital, and is now ready for his new home in Redondo Beach. [readon]

His new family was chosen by people from L.A. County animal services from a list of what they described as 80 serious applicants.

(We hope the other 79 will be adopting other kitties who have also been rescued from dire circumstances in their local neighborhood.)

Ni Hao couldn’t walk, see or make any sounds when the container was first opened. He was curled up with his eyes shut.

Ni Hao early in his recovery.

The four-month-old kitten was rushed to the hospital has made an almost miraculous recovery, with only a slight limp to show for his ordeal.

Congratulations, Ni Hao, and welcome home!